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The 7 Best Things To Buy Vintage (and 3 To Skip)

Antiques Collectibles Buy Sell trade March 28, 2017

By Brie Dyas

Vintage shopping is one of those things that you either love…or shudder at the thought of. If you’re in the latter, I’m here to change your mind. I’ve been collecting everything from vintage clothes to books to art for years. My specialty is barware and cocktail accessories, mostly because I love a good party (or forgotten cocktail). I mainly concentrate on items from the 1950s and 1960s, which was a bit of a golden age for home entertaining.

While I obviously am a fan of the more whimsical side of vintage collecting, there are certain items that are better to buy on the vintage market, because you’ll get better quality for your money. Whether you’re going to an antiques store, vintage shop or estate sale, here’s what to look out for….

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Antiques Collectibles Buy Sell trade March 28, 2017


You’re going to spend some money on furniture and accessories, so you may as well buy something that can hold its value after you use it. Antiques often have a greater chance of retaining value than new machine-made furniture. Plus, antiques add a sense of warmth, history, and character to your house.

Whether you are purchasing antiques because of their beauty, or because you simply love older things, or because you are hoping that they will hold their value, the best rule is to buy what you like — and to keep your “RADAR” out for values. RADAR is an acronym that stands for Rarity, Aesthetics, Desirability, Authenticity, and Really great condition.

When you find an antique that meets these five criteria, you’ve probably found an item that’s likely to appreciate in value as the years go by.

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